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The Eurovision essentials and why you should watch it

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The Eurovision essentials and why you should watch it

Eurovision Song Contest is one of the greatest song contests in the world. It is estimated that around 200 million people watched the 2015 finals, which makes it one of the most watched events in the world. However, USA does not contribute much to the statistics, since Eurovision Song Contest has not been broadcasted in the USA. However, that is going to change, and the 2016 finale is going to be broadcasted in the USA as well. You can tell how big the competition is by the fact that Justin Timberlake is performing on this year’s final evening, but of course – as a guest performer and not a contestant.



1954-Panneau-Eurovision-1-This song contest is very appreciated and widely watched in Europe, and it is not only an entertaining and fun to watch song contest, but it also has long history and bears quite a strong message. The first Eurovision Song Contest was held and it was started by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union). Its main goal was to reconnect the people of Europe after the World War II, and 60 years later, this contest still brings people from all over the Europe together. The first Eurovision Song Contest had only seven participating countries, while in recent years it reached the number of 40 European countries, plus the non-European countries of Israel and Australia.

Jedward_1894675cEurovision Song Contest is a battle of its own kind, with the participants fighting each other using insane amounts of costumes, choreographic, sequins and special effects instead of firearms. Although it is mainly a song contest, the participants always try to make an impression with other elements as well, which is why you can see plenty of interesting dance moves, dresses and scenographies. The songs often seem to be less important than everything else.

69735473_LORDI_15565bWhen it comes to the songs, they mainly belong to pop genre, but there are sometimes interesting exceptions. For example, a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band Lordi won Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. They were the first and still remain the only hard rock band who has ever won this contest, and in addition they are the first and by now the only band from Finland who brought the victory on the contest to this country. However, this is not the only time the history was made on this contest. Eurovision Song Contest of 1974 was groundbreaking for ABBA, a band that is now world-famous and one of the most famous pop bands of the 1970s. Their song “Waterloo” brought them victory at the contest and paved their way to worldwide fame.

maxresdefault-1Eurovision voting is sort of complicated and to some point led by politics and mutual relations between the countries. Every country has the appointed competition judges who vote for other countries by distributing the points ranging from 12 to 0. Viewers can vote as well, and all the votes are counted and added up to the judges’ votes.

All in all, Eurovision is a parade of fun, high-quality costumes, effects and choreographies. It brings people together and provides great entertainment, so it is a good way of spending a couple of hours every year.