The call for papers for RPSD 2014 is still open and the deadline for submissions has been extended to April 30, 2014.

The conference, which will be held at the Knoxville Hilton Downtown in September 2014, explores the scientific, technological and engineering issues associated with particle and ionizing radiation shielding in its broadest context, including nuclear energy systems, accelerator facilities, space and other radiation environments. It is one of the premier international radiation shielding events, regularly drawing hundreds of the world’s top scientists and engineers.

Authors should submit summaries, up to 4 pages in length (PDF) in English via the conference website ( The summary should clearly state the objectives, methodology, results and conclusion of the submission. Authors will be given the opportunity to have their summary forwarded to Nuclear Technology for consideration. Authors of selected summaries accepted by Nuclear Technology will be invited to publish a full journal article in a special issue of Nuclear Technology following the meeting.


Summaries due:

April 30, 2014
Notification to authors: June 1, 2014
Final summaries due: July 1, 2014
Early registration: July 1, 2014
Invitation to submit full paper to Nuclear Technology:
October 3, 2014
Planned Plenary Sessions
Invited Plenary Speakers
- Michael Loughlin, ITER, Nuclear Analysis of ITER
- Cary Zeitlin, Southwest Research Institute, Radiation Measurements by the Mars Curiosity Rover
- Phillip Taddei, MD Anderson visiting the American University of Beirut, Radiogenic Risk in Normal Tissues of Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy
- John Boice, Vanderbilt University & President of the NCRP
Suggested Paper Topics
Medical Physics
Computational phantoms
Internal dosimetry
Medical treatment facility shielding
Treatment planning

Health Physics
Aircraft dosimetry
External dosimetry
Emergency planning & response
Environmental assessment
Low-dose effects
Non-ionizing radiation
Operational health physics
Narrow beam dosimetry

Methods & Data
Charged particle interactions & transport
Deterministic methods
Hybrid transport methods
Monte Carlo methods
Nuclear data
Shielding & Other Applications
Accelerator shielding
Activation analysis
Criticality accident alarm systems
Education & training
Experiments & benchmarks
Fission facility shielding
Fuel cycle facility shielding
Fukushima assessment & recovery
Fusion facility shielding
Radiation detection & measurement
Radiation protection
Radiation protection for target & user facilities
Risk assessment
Safeguarding nuclear material & facilities
Space radiation protection & risk assessment
Used nuclear fuel transportation & storage
Visualization & user interfaces
Y-12 uranium processing facility
Organizing Committee
General Chair: Larry Townsend UT
Assistant General Chair: Irina Popova ORNL
Honorary Chair: Bernadette Kirk Retired
Technical Program Chairs: Thomas Miller ORNL
Joel Risner ORNL
Hatice Akkurt EPRI
Arrangements: Peggy Emmett Retired
Publicity: Germina Ilas ORNL
Treasurer: Douglas Peplow ORNL
Registration: Hanna Shapira TICS
Hospitality: Josh Peterson ORNL
Publications: Ahmad Ibrahim ORNL
Student Representative: Wouter C. de Wet UT
Lauren Finklea GATECH
Web: Hanna Shapira TICS
Corporate Sponsorship: Chris Robinson Y-12
Guest Program: Allison Miller
Technical Tours: Shaheen Dewji ORNL
Workshops: Dan Ilas ORNL
Transportation: Kevin Reynolds Y-12
Technical Program Committee
Thomas Miller ORNL
Joel Risner ORNL
Hatice Akkurt EPRI
Sukesh Aghara Univ of Mass Lowell Rebecca Howell MD Anderson Douglas Peplow ORNL
Mary Allan AWE Ahmad Ibrahim ORNL Maria Grazie Pia CERN
Bryan Bednarz Univ of Wisconsin Dan Ilas ORNL Chet Ramsey Thompson Cancer Center
Michael Bellamy ORNL Germina Ilas ORNL Igor Remec ORNL
Wesley Bolch Univ of Florida Sunita Kamboj ANL Kevin Reynolds Y-12
Jeff Chapman ORNL Bernadette Kirk ORNL Retired Francesc Salvat Univ of Barcelona
Zhi Chen Univ of Sci & Tech of China Ray Klann ANL Arkady Serikov Karlsruhe Institute of Tech
Tim DeVol Clemson University Stephanie Lamart NCI/NIH Lembit Sihver Chalmers Univ of Tech
Shaheen Dewji Georgia Tech & ORNL Luiz Leal ORNL Steve Skutnik Univ of Tennessee
Keith Eckerman ORNL Choonsik Lee NCI/NIH Rachel Slaybaugh Bettis
Michael L. Fensin LANL Yi-Kang Lee CEA Saclay Andrew Sowder EPRI
Michele Ferenci Penn St Hershey Cancer Inst Gregg W. McKinney LANL Daniel Stephens PNNL
Brian C. Franke Sandia Gloria Mei ORNL Jean-Christophe Trama CEA Saclay
Robert Hayes WIPP Saed Mirzadeh ORNL Phung Tran EPRI
Jason Hayward Univ of Tennessee Hiroshi Nakashima JAEA Pedro Vaz ITN
Lawrence Heilbronn Univ of Tennessee Ted Nichols SRNL Ed Waller Univ of Ontario Inst of Tech
Dave Heinrichs LLNL Bruce Patton ORNL George Xu RPI
Nolan Hertel Georgia Tech & ORNL
Conference Sponsors
Those interested in helping sponsor RPSD 2014 and/or student participation in the conference, please contact
• Chris Robinson (,
• Larry Townsend (, or
• Irina Popova (
Conference Exhibitors
Those interested in exhibiting during RPSD 2014 please contact:
R. Chris Robinson
Office: (865) 574-8509 or Fax: (865) 241-6256 Cell: (865) 776-2025